PaperSight® Image Server

Enables document TIFF G4 image and high quality color JPEG presentation to the Web from your Web Server.

Features Benefits
URL Based Easy to call up images and documents in your web application.
Secure URL Easy to integrate with other software to perform custom access control, logging, and accounting.
No Client Download! Safe and Reliable -- Works with raw browsers -- no code is downloaded (even Javascript) to the Browser or Client.
Open File Formats All data is stored in industry standard file formats such as TIFF, JPG, and XML.
Dynamic Image Presentation Takes high resolution TIFF or JPEG and dynamically sends only the image size requested.
Active Images Images can have embedded links to other documents or web pages.
Built-in Widget Image Control Widgets for Zooming, Rotation, Paging Through, and Contrast Control.
Code base includes Elaborate signal processing and caching. Fast and reflects the fact that this code base has nearly twenty years of continuous proprietary development behind it.

Sites Using Papersight

Antique Books
Also points to Universal Library servers using Papersight.
Realestate Title Services
Over 40 Million pages online.

System Requirements

Windows Full install with IIS integration:

  • Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0
  • IIS 5.0
  • Pentium 200 or better
  • 128MB of RAM

Windows Limited functionality install, suitable for testing:

  • Windows 2000 or Windows NT 4.0
  • Pentium 200 or better
  • 128MB of RAM


  • Red Hat Linux 6.2 , 7.1, or 7.2
  • Pentium 200 or better
  • 128MB of RAM

Purchase and Download

To download PaperSight®, click Download.
To buy a license, click

The download is a fully functional time limited version for evaluation purposes.

Licenses for Papersight® cost $399 per server CPU. There is no limit to the number of connected clients (web browsers).

License Agreement

Please note the PaperSight® Imageserver is licensed on a per CPU basis, not a per Machine or IP Address basis.

Sites Using PaperSight® Technology

Click here to see sites using PaperSight® technology.


Custom support is by fee only. Our rate is $150/hr. Contact us if you wish support at Our policy is to estimate support costs and require a minimum down payment of 50% on sums greater than $50 and full payment on sums up to $50. The software is simple and easy to install and use. Please consult the Reference Manual below.

Send suggestions and bug reports to

Reference Manual

To view online document, click here.

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Turnkey System

If you are not a web site developer and want a turnkey document image management system for your company, please contact Deau Systems, Inc., through for an evaluation using off-the-shelf components. If you need a customized and unique system such as the ones illustrated above email us. We will do custom systems that you can resell, under contract.